As 2016 concludes

As 2016 concluded, I found myself completely locked out of my blog! Technical difficulties – VERY frustrating! So I am reinventing the wheel and trying again here. 

New year, new blog – for me anyway. While this is the first entry in this blog, I have actually been writing pretty consistently under another title for just over 3 years. My original blog continues, but it will continue as it began – a personal space for me to discuss anything and everything about my life, including my husband, children, friends, job, thoughts, ideas, observations, etc. Pretty much the kitchen sink of my life and times.

Perhaps you are wondering why this blog, then, if I am already established and writing a blog. An excellent question, one I have struggled to put into words for the last few months as I plotted and planned and obsessed about the details of content here.

Over the course of the last 18 months, my better health quest has taken on life of its own, particularly as it relates to exercise. It seems I want to talk about, blog about my exercise and health pursuits all the time, and my little blog began to grow and “feel” differently than when it began. To be honest it got to the point where I felt guilty with how many words were devoted to exercise, because on the one hand I have followers/readers coming to the blog to read about health and fitness topics, and on the other hand I have this whole slice of readers and blogs I follow that have far more interest and slant toward life in general and its challenges. And to be really transparent, I’m not certain how many of those interested in reading about my adventures in the gym, my thoughts and reflections on exercise and health want to read that content side-by-side with my work-related headaches or conversations with gal-pals about dating, caring for aging parents, grandmotherhood, or my job challenges and successes. I’m pretty certain they skip anything and everything related to my happy marriage to the fabulous M, and my feelings are truly not hurt.

It has been clear to me for awhile that I yearned for an exclusive space to yak about exercise, eating, health – anything and everything that crosses my path and piques my interest in this wide “better health” realm. I love documenting this adventure, love looking back at prior entries and seeing my steps forward and the growth of my confidence.

And this blog is born.

In 2016, I logged 99 training recaps for the 99 training sessions with my stellar trainer, J. The 5 sessions skipped were due to vacations. A few times we moved days or our regularly scheduled session times to accommodate unusual scheduling considerations. I am extraordinarily proud of that. I did not quit. I did not bail. I committed to this course of action and worked hard to stay on track.

My hope, my plan is to stay focused and working on my daily exercise and not allow myself to be distracted or discouraged. I learn or relearn something every session, and in my world, knowledge is power. My understanding, curiosity, and interest in the workings of my own body and systems seems unquenchable. With this process, I am completely engaged.

If you are looking for goals, milestones, weight lost, muscle mass gained, or even something like amount of weight listed for specific numbers of reps and sets, you will not find that here. Diet advice, calorie counting, macros tracking – I don’t do that.

Truth is my only “goal” is to stay engaged in the process of making better food choices, exercising and moving weights to and fro. Since these are the general issues I tend to document, you’ll probably find a lot of thoughts, feelings, likely swearing on the topic. Certain things are on my favorites List, others are on the nemesis List, and there is typically one arch nemesis that vexes me endlessly.

I know – sounds like I have no life, right? But I do. Jobs (yes, plural), husband, grown kids, stacks of books to read and ponder, research to do on various home improvement projects, and other hobbies I might like to try sometime. I am a world class dawdler, though, and if time wasting was a competitive sport I would be a serious contender. So time management is a thing for me, and it is of late almost as much an obsession as the steps necessary to overhaul my middle age self and take better control of my health and wellness. Sustaining my good health is requiring a lot of my time, energy, brainwaves. May as well not reinvent the week 3 or 4 times per week and write it down so I can go back and celebrate my successes, brainstorm on overcoming my shortcomings. Plus blogging tends to help me remember all I want to discuss with trainer J and opens the forum to other friends who exercise as well for their thoughts and ideas.

Welcome to a new volume in my life’s library. The adventure continues.