Great days happen

Some days, everything just works. I’m up on time and feeling super well rested and high energy. I have my plan for the gym, I have plans for work, and even setbacks – like forgetting my work bag with all the work contained therein and my lunch – cannot derail my good day.

It does seem we (or maybe it’s just me?) spend a fair amount of time dwelling in negative space. While I am a lot better about it now, it still happens more than I like. My mistakes, screw-ups, dim bulb moments, or something just blowing my nervous system completely out of the water linger far longer and are remembered far more vividly that all the great little instance in between.

I’m a firm believer in starting my days well, to set the right tone for whatever happens later. Some days I’m dragging myself out of bed and feeling cranky before my eyes are even open. Such starts never seem to end well for me. And while I’m extremely annoyed with my fancy-smancy Fitbit today not connecting and uploading all it data, in the bigger picture it is a small cakes issue.

After having yesterday’s practice cut short (after an hour) because of the stressure of an unusual hour for me to be in the gym, today was fantastic. Perhaps I need to blow up my nervous system periodically so I do not take for granted how peaceful my groove is to be working out between 5 and 7 a.m. weekday mornings.

But this morning … this morning I woke up on time and feeling well rested and full-blown List of the day in mind and ready to deploy. I was in the gym and on the floor by 5:20-ish which is kind of my ideal. The Freemotion machine I wanted to use was even available and I got to use it the whole time without lurkers or inquiries as to when I might be done. It was glorious.

Today was a List I have not pursued in a couple of weeks, yet it went really, really well. My arms and shoulders are entering a state of paralysis, but that’s okay; I’m sure J has a work-around for that tomorrow if they have indeed turned to stone.

Most everything worked really well. There was one exercise where I wasn’t completely sure of it’s overall shape – I get it confused with another shoulder-related exercise that is similar – but just as I was about to get started J was finishing a meeting with another trainer and had time to answer the question for me.

Sometimes the universe smiles upon me.

More important than all that, though, was that I had arrived and gotten started early enough to do a few sets with the fluffy-cuffies (my nickname for the ankle bands for the cable machines). After donkey kicks and glute kickbacks of various varieties, my glutes are also entering a state of paralysis.

It was not a good day; it was an uber fabulous GREAT day.

I was trying to remember what I was like before I exercised nearly every day. I know I was essentially the same, sort of. But I suppose it is easier to forget when not feeling this good felt normal and only really remembering it if I should have to stop exercising for some extended period. Hopefully that will not happen to me for the foreseeable future.

Then there is the diet component. Oh joy. It’s an ongoing struggle, especially since I am a picky eater. January has been all about detoxing from the sugar and carby goodness overload of December, and for the most part I am enjoying my small wins. At the same time, I know I have to get more disciplined about my scheduled meal times as well as what I am eating. Things I have read and people I trust have told me that eating on a consistent schedule is as important as the nutritional component. So that’s on my list for February. Or sooner if I can pull myself together about meal planning AND remember to take my lunch to the office with me.

Managing food is far more of an issue than anything else at the moment. Yeah, I have my days and moments when I feel less ambitious or successful in how much actual body-moving work I got done that morning, but for the most part, I am there, I am doing the work, and I am getting more focused on my counting and completing my sets. On every List there is at least one things that I struggle with every single time, and frequently more than one. My latest strategy is to (1) finish on a good one, and (2) finish at least the minimum reps for at least one set. While occasionally it is a time constraint, more frequently it is a fatigue or frustration component that makes it worse. My telling myself one good, solid set I feel better about the effort and am more inclined to try even harder to set aside fatigue and stay with good for and see it all the way through.

But food? Ugh. It is so easy to blow off a healthy choices for lunch when the crew says “hey, we are going out for [insert anything that sounds better than a salad on that day], want to join?” Or M is agreeable (that enabler!) to getting take out or is in a mood to have pizza or other junky stuff. Bulk cooking helps enormously; it’s far easier for me to stick to the meal plan if the food is prepared and awaiting reheating.

Seems to me I spent about 6 months last year doing an okay job with food, then kinda/sorta falling off the wagon and binge eating crappy food for a few weeks, now in detox mode. With the reading I have been doing on eating strategies I am feeling braver about my meal planning. I do not actually diet or have a particular eating strategy, other than avoid sugar, limit carbs, and eat some protein source with every meal as well as a lot more vegetables and fresh fruits. A couple of the ladies I work with have been off and on with Whole 30, weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrasystems, and other diet plans, so I hear a lot about the ups and downs of dieting. Other than my basic rules, at this point I am mostly trying to just get myself back to consistently following my basic guidelines, now on a more consistent schedule, though.

I will be starting with a new physician next month, and in anticipation of that I am trying to detox and get myself on a basic schedule of meal timing. M and I have been really good about the snack food we keep in the house, so that helps. The fresh fruits of late have been particularly excellent – the mandarins are a new favorite. And while I don’t like the way a green smoothie looks in my glass, I am growing fond of the taste of them for post-workout breakfast. As a picky eater, I am surprisingly skilled (and boring) in my ability to eat the same foods for weeks at a time without getting tired of it.

Maybe this year I’ll make it 7 or more months of doing a much better job with food and healthy eating. It could will happen. The beat goes on with my positive affirmations process.


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