The kindness of strangers

I am enjoying a streak of really nice training days at the gym this week. Slowly, slowly getting myself back into a regular sleeping and waking schedule and trying to be diligent about eating meals at the approximately the same time daily. Frankly, eating pretty much the same food at the same meals at the same time daily, but this is what being a lifetime picky eater has taught me. As long as the food is essentially good for me, I call it a win.

This morning at the gym another member complimented me on my balance. I had been working my last set of Bulgarian split squats (single leg squat with the rear foot elevated) and I was really touched and completely thrilled. For a woman who routinely tripped over hairline cracks in the sidewalk, to have someone comment favorably on my balance is huge. My gracious acceptance of compliments is still a work in progress, but I’m getting there.

While going through my practice this morning I was pondering how feeling well rested is a huge bonus in the early gym time. Everything seems to be more productive and actually working out better than anticipated. This morning was a lower body day with lots of single leg stuff, and I cruised along through my sets with nary a negative “I hate you” thought in my head. There is a single leg curl machine that gives me grief every time, because adjusting it for me and my body seems to take a few tries each time. But oh well. I got it done and feel great about my effort.

Possibly because it feels as if I am taking extended victory laps the last couple of weeks. Last with it was the Bulgarians – finally getting shape ingrained enough to hold and stick through the entirety of rep counts and sets. This week it is the walking lunges. Oh my – since yesterday all I want to do is a set or 2 or 3 of walking lunges, because finally, FINALLY i can do a set or 2 or 3 of walking lunges. It has seemed like so long to get to this point I want to enjoy the moments in case they drift away again while I am busy doing something else.

For someone who has only been working at this exercise thing consistently for 16 months everything still feels new and challenging. Overcoming challenges and finally achieving success with things that have vexed me is a Big F–king Deal. If I have to have thighs the size of a baby elephant, they are going to be from some muscular baby elephant.

When I think of me at my very best physical shape, I do not think graceful gazelle or stealthy, slinky cheetah. Nope, not me. I think thundering herds of buffalo or wildebeests charging across the plains. Because really, I would much rather be able to kick the crap out of a lion trying to eat me than have to depend on speed to get away.

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