How do I feel?

Most days I wake up and feel typical and normal; nothing extraordinary going on, no distress calls from body. The days I wake up and mildly to wildly strange that give me pause.

This morning, for example, I woke up feeling hot and perhaps even feverish. Was my blood sugar crashing? Did I have a fever? Was I buried under too many covers overnight? Blood sugar was fine, holding steady at 93. I have no idea if we even own a thermometer anymore, so I did not take my temperature. But my back ached in a strange place and my stomach felt queasy. Am I getting sick? Or am I just becoming a hypochondriac looking for an excuse to go to the gym?

In this case, my initial, knee-jerk reaction that I might be trying skip my practice day is okay with me. It keeps me honest about getting up and going, although anymore I rarely to never have any arguments or internal struggles about going to the gym to get my practice done.

But this whole “listen to body” thing is tricky. This morning, body was saying that pizza may have to stay off the menu. I went to yoga last night with my son and daughter-in-law last night and then we decided to order pizza. Cheese hangover? Pain my back that crossed my mind might be the start of a kidney infection? Nope, just a fading bruise from a mishap with the deck railing and one of the cats last weekend.

A full week of work, training, practices, and then yoga last night. Sleep was not restful or particularly deep last night, and while I do not feel tired, I am paying attention to body’s suggestions that maybe we take a day off.

Maybe tomorrow. It is Sunday. It is the one day each week I either do yoga or pilates or take a rest day.

My point here is that I felt unusual this morning and was trying to figure out why. As it was, I did a lighter-than-usual day today at the gym and feel fine now. No more weird feelings in my stomach or my back. Temperature is normal.

Body speaks, and I am listening, but interpreting the messages seems to be an art form I am still struggling to decipher. Or I am overthinking the messages. Possibly a combination of both.

At the end of it all, I still periodically struggle with my own balance of good/evil, or in my case much of the time, lazy/productive. Probably I’ll not slide down some black hole of un-fitness by taking a day off. Or even a week. A couple of slices of pizza will not send me back to my start pointing and all my hard-won progress erased overnight. Just reminding myself to hat should eventually dispel that type of fear and anxiety.

But cheese hangover? It could be a thing. For me, anyway. Maybe just for today.


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