Over the last 24 hours, I have been thinking a lot about consequences. Good consequences (well controlled diabetes without medication) and less desirable consequences (eat junk food, struggle with gym practice). After this much time, I would think I would know better about good food, bad food, junk in, junk out. But nope. I still do kind of dumb things. After a few (dozen) trials and errors I typically learn my lesson, but all too frequently there is a largish span of time between making the mistake and be more aware and choosing more wisely.

My registered dietician friend recommended I test the Shopwell app. It’s a bit of a shortcut to see how nutritious my food choices are for me based on my profile. Because we have already been through the calorie counting (nope, unlikely to do it ever again), he thought I might find this particular app useful as a guide to help me have a more instantaneous understanding of my food choices.

Thus far, everything I eat routinely (that is not fresh fruits and vegetables) is either a so-so to weak choice (regular breakfast and lunch foods) or not in their database (protein powder). Who knew the reduced fat mayo with olive oil I favor had sugar? Which is helpful to know, but I’m unlikely to start using mustard on anything other than hotdogs (extremely rare indulgence), corndogs (even rarer than the hotdogs), or cheeseburgers. I am an extremely picky eater, and I have systematically excluded a bunch of junk food from my diet and now find body wants to rebel if I consume too much of it in one sitting or do not eat a more balanced meal.

Still, I can see why RD would steer me toward this particular app. It’s quick, convenient, and since I pretty much eat the same foods over and over again, it would be a fairly once-and-done thing to know how well or how terrible my regular foods are in my overall heathy eating strategy and why. Like anything related to tracking, I’m very wary of it. Too much and it will become too overwhelming and feel as if I am constantly being judged. Using it as an educational too for a little while, until the novelty wears off, should not harm me. If I find myself backing away from the smoked turkey I love because of too much something, then I will know I have gone too far with it and have to delete it before I am eating nothing but lettuce and water.

Like that would ever happen. I am far too fond of dressing to eat a dry salad.

What’s been most interesting about my food intake missteps of late is the boomerang effect from holiday overindulgences. I have been detoxing and eating pretty well in January, so maybe this is what normal people who have better eating habits and consume a wider variety of foods experience when they wander off the reservation.

I chalk them up to good learning experiences.

And speaking of learning experiences, tomorrow is training day – review day, too. Current trending is we do new stuff on Mondays, review on Thursdays, which is perfectly fine with me. I love training days, period. But J texted and dangled a new PHA (peripheral heart action) style List, but he wants to wait for Monday so we have adequate time. And if you are terribly impressed with my exercise terminology, I had to google it to ensure I was certain of correct phrasing. The term has come up, but that 6 or 7 training sessions ago. My reference – huffy-puffy – is much more direct and to the point. But I’m learning the lingo and will not have this bewildered expression when it comes up in conversation.


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