Oh, about the barbell …

In my recap yesterday I forgot to mention our adventure into barbell demonstration.

First new fact: the hinge thing bolted to the floor is called and landmine. The only reason I can conjure for that particular name is that people grazing too close to the walls where these things are bolted can easily trip over them.

Second new facts: there are 2 types of bars in my gym’s body fit room, one weighs 41 lbs. and the other weighs 45 lbs. The circumference of the bar of the 41 lb. bar is smaller, which is the only way I have of discerning the difference. Both are like 7 feet tall and in my hands, likely extremely dangerous. It’s far too easy for me to imagine losing control or not paying close enough attention and unintentionally braining someone with it while moving across the room.

Third fact: I am not a barbell-using gym person. J was kind enough to demonstrate a few things for me, because he offered a peek and had to follow through to satisfy my curiosity. Curiosity satisfied, questions about my fitness for barbell use mostly answered. Next!

In all seriousness, I am not a good candidate for this particular piece of equipment. Not because I am incapable of learning – I have proven to myself I am adaptable to using weights as part of my better health quest – but I have virtually  no interest in pursuing this any further.

It was enlightening to hear about this from J’s perspective. He has to consider not only the client’s ability in session, but also what he/she/me might do with the information during the rest of the week. While I am presently pursuing other Lists and not practicing the order and sequence of the huffy and puffy training we’re doing right now, this is 2017 behaviors. Throughout 2016 I was pretty faithful and consistent about replicating what we did in training sessions. The barbell is not something that I feel inclined toward, at all. Perhaps that will change into the future, but for now or until I run out of dumbbells or cable machines with enough weight to get the job done, I see no need for further explorations. The row, the overhead press, the squat, and the something else I cannot recall that we discussed yesterday – all are things that I have plenty of dumbbell or kettlebell or cable machine to utilize. Granted the sensation and work feels a little different and may be specialized to hone in on something neglected by my usual methods, but when the day comes that I need something so laser-focused I will probably be a lot more inclined to try other modalities.

That day seems quite a long way out and into the future.

J was remarking yesterday that the day may come (again, probably long into the future) when he has nothing left to say to improve my performance on individual exercises, and that could be a very ominous, scary idea. Kind of makes me laugh to think about, because I know from experience that we would change the weights, which in turn changes the angles and abilities and performance. Or we would learn a new machine. Or alter the order. Or do all the above.

I no longer concern myself with him firing me as a client or the potential of him moving off into his next great adventure or my outgrowing this particular style of training. My burgeoning confidence says I will be okay, that I will continue with my exercise pursuits. The interesting things about this journey are not just what happens in the gym, but the reading I do in outside publications, books, other fitness folks. So many are focused on specific goals – body building, losing weight, burning fat, cardio, style of cardio – but I enjoy reading about the different ideas and what they practice and preach. Even if I myself have no intentions of ever following them down the same or similar pathways.

Educating myself builds strength and endurance as much as the weights I am lifting, pushing, pulling to and fro. I like that part almost as much as the actual process of getting sweaty and gross perfecting my form and increasing my fitness capabilities.

And being just a teensy bit boastful, I am uber proud of my improving one-leg exercise abilities. Tuesdays are typically lower body days, and today I was working my step-ups on the box with the one-leg hip hinge at the top. I am doing so much better with the hip hinge on and off the box as well as the single leg Romanian deadlifts. I find myself ridiculously excited with every successful rep and the ways my confidence expands. Being an ungraceful and clumsy person much of my life, this is a Very Big Deal for me. I relish and celebrate every single success.

And I truly do love that. M used to tell me finding some exercise pursuit that I liked and suited me would make me fall in love and find joy in regular movement. M knows things, and he knows me well as well, because he was absolutely right. Except it is unlikely to be the barbell. The nice thing about my gym – there is a vast amount of other equipment available for my use and potential future exploration.

Yay! And go me!

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