Training session recaps

I am going to be experimenting with Monday and Thursday training session recap format.

There are a few die-hard readers in my life who have been whining constructively suggesting I find some way to get the post up earlier in the day. Apparently they want something before 9 p.m. PST or – heaven forbid! – the day after. Lately here, because unfortunately my posts do not magically write themselves, I have been even later than my self-imposed 9 p.m. deadline because of an unusually heavy workload.

Hmmm. My blog I should get to do what I want to, right? But these are near-and-dear to me folks, outside my time zone, and I remain hugely flattered that they read at all. I also admit to love, Love, LOVING the offline feedback and conversations. Sometime I should devote an entire post to the emails and texts I receive from real-life friends.

Going forward, I’ll experiment with breaking the recaps up into 2 posts. Since I usually write the Kitchen Sink Thoughts section first, I will likely put those into their own post earlier in the day and follow-up with the Key Takeaways, What We Did, How It Felt sections in a separate post in the evenings. I can always add a conclusions blurb if my kitchen sink is filling up again when the second post goes live.

I am also thinking of writing more about food, diet, healthy eating. I cannot think of a single new think I might have to share on the topics, but it might be good for me to expel some of my bewilderment and resentment about my flailing efforts with cleaning up my diet and eating habits. Unfortunately, food is significantly less interesting to me than the exercise portion of my life. I have been successfully eating my whole life, but not necessarily balanced or healthy food. My explanation (note: not defense): I am a picky eater and have very minimal interest in food preparation. Breaking those habits – I feel like Sisyphus and his damn boulder. And I know I am not alone in this struggle.

And speaking of food, here’s yesterday’s late lunch/early dinner:


2/11/2017 – Buckhorn BBQ, Vacaville, CA

Because sometimes one just needs mashed potatoes.

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