Old Lists, new challenges

In the process of revisiting older Lists on my own, I recognize my desire to keep track of what I am doing and when. While I do not anticipate writing something for every workout every day, Tuesdays are typically my work-from-home days and I have the luxury of arriving at the gym later than typical (and sleeping for an extra hour) and spending more time pursuing my List(s) of the day.

I think of and refer to this as my “planky” List, because it seems there are several exercises that have some variation of plank position. J does not typically do a lot of ab-dedicated Lists, so this one is a bit of a shock to my system. Before Sunday, I had not picked up or thought much about this one in a few months and could definitely feel the impact on my abs. I want to be more successful and proficient with such things, though, so I am revisiting to ensure I stay reasonably well-rounded.

Today was 3 sets of each from this List:

A1  Incline DB press (12-15, 8-12, 6-8 ramp) 15 w/20s, 12 w/25s, 8 w/30s
A2 Bench Alt Step Off/Kick Back combo (6-8/side) 24 side for 3 sets
A3  Alt DB curls (12-15/side) 15/side w/12 lb. DBs for 3 sets
A4  Alt Chopper Sit-us (6-12/side) 8/side for 3 sets

B1  Flat Bench Chest Flyes (10-12) 12 w/20 lb. DBs all 3 sets
B2  Bench Step Throughs w/hip dip (10-12/side) 12/side for 3 sets
B3  DB Alt Hammer Curls (10-15/side) 15/side w/12 lb. DBs for 3 sets
B4  Stability Ball “Reach Up” Crunch (10-15) 20 for 3 sets

C1  1-arm DB Snatch (6-8/side) 12/side w/8 lb. DB for 3 sets
C2  1-arm Lateral Throws (10-12/side) 12/side w/8 lb. DB for 3 sets
C3  Band Horizontal Hip Rotations (10-15/side) 10/side w/red band
C4  Standing Contralateral Knee to Elbow Crunch (15-20/side) 12/side for 3 sets

D1  1-arm Overhead Shoulder Press (10-12/side) 12/side w/15 lb. DB for 3 sets
D2  Dual Band Reverse Flyes (12-20) 12 w/red bands for 3 sets
D3  Kettlebell Swing to Chest Level (12-15, 15-20) 12 w/pink KB for 3 sets
D4  Plank off DBs (20 second slow count) 40 second count for 3 sets

In the A block, the bench alternating step off/kick back combo – I misread the rep range and thought it was 12-15/side and that meant 12 step off, 12 kick back per side, so I stepped and kicked through what I thought was minimum rep range. Not easy; planks are not my friend and feel completely unnatural to me. I did feel like a proud idiot when I realized my mistake; far better to do more if I am capable. Possibly I will be paying for it tomorrow, but that’s tomorrow. Same with the chopper sit-ups. The only redeeming quality for them is the I can lie on the floor to catch my breath when I feel like I cannot possibly do another one.

In the B block, the step throughs with hip dip are more plank positioning. Not too sure if I have the hip dip part down, or if I am just particularly less bendy than usual after yesterday’s go-round with the lower body. The stability ball “reach up” crunches – for the first time in several months the instability ball was back to its old tricks. I feel off of it, twice. Thankfully landing on my bum does no lasting damage, except maybe my pride. The gym has lately been getting all the small size stability balls, and I think my muscle memory is accustomed to something taller. Once I laid hands on the bigger one, I was fine – no ungraceful dismount when I was just getting started.

For the C block, love, Love, LOVE the 1-arm dumbbell snatch and 1-arm dumbbell lateral throws. While using a lighter than usual weight at 8 lbs., I have not done either of these much in the last few months and always play safely until I am sure of form and my strength and ability. Thus far, no injury has befallen me from my work in the gym and I do hope to continue this healthy streak. Now that I have done horizontal band rotations (aka “choppers”) with the rope attachment on the cable machine, I am far less enthusiastic about the band version, but I slogged on through. Finally, the standing contralateral knee to elbow crunch – J’s notes say to “raise knee above 90 degrees, then elbow to raised knee.” Okay, I’m not sure my legs have that grand range of motion, and if I stop and think of it – me, standing on one foot, bending elbow to elevated knee – I will for most definitely fall over. But when I finally did think about it, long after I had moved on to the final block, I was pretty darn pleased with my balance effort.

Finally, the D Block and the kettlebell swing to chest level. We do not do these often and I use a very light kettlebell, but I feel very wary of this exercise. Less nowadays that the KB is going to slip from my hands and fly across the room and more about proper form and avoiding injury. Nothing hurts. Nothing snapped, crackled, or popped during execution, but I am listening intently for sounds of distress. The plank off dumbbells – why didn’t I know about the dumbbells when first learning to plank? Game changer, even if planks have been spare on Lists of late. I use a timer to ensure I get my minimums, and today I was pleasantly surprised to find that the first 20 seconds were fine and was immediately suspicious I was doing something wrong. Worked my rib tucking and abs tightening on the second 20 seconds and could feel it working, so did the same amount of time for the second and third sets.

All in all, happy with my progress on this older List. Tomorrow I expect to hear a bit of chatter from my midsection, but oh well. Just tells me I probably need to pursue the abs List a bit more often.


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