The upside

Saturday morning, just home from my gym practice, have not even showered yet (and be grateful you cannot actually see me writing this post – sweaty and gross is not my best look). But – I had to just sit down and say I feel amazing, so fantastic and just GREAT.

Most days are like this, but sometimes I just have to stop and reflect upon my good fortune. Instead of looking backward and thinking of lost years that I could have, should have been exercising, I am always looking forward to the days and year ahead when I will continue to move and to improve. In the beginning, when it was excruciatingly hard to try and remember the cues and how to do everything and so insanely painful to teach long-dormant muscles that they were capable of more than sitting idle, I never imagined a day when I’d get home from the gym bursting with eagerness to tell you how great I feel.

Because I just didn’t do that. I could bitch, moan, whine, and complain about all that ailed me, all those who wronged me, all the ways my life was a challenge, but heaven forbid I be too happy or feeling too good. Admitting I felt exceptionally great was like a flashing neon sign to invite Very Bad Things to befall me. Negative girl was like medication that kept me down and out.

I ponder this turn of events quite frequently. It trickles down into the stuff I read, the way I work and conduct myself in a professional realm, to the person I am within my own tribe family. Maybe the law of cause and effect with regard to the way we vibe is true – the energy we put out into the universe is what we receive back. Except, I don’t buy it. I guess I am not quite new agey enough to take such simplicity at face value. I want to dig in and drill it down to the basic moving pieces and parts. I want to know the why of it all. I am not good at taking such things on faith.

But that’s a discussion for another day. Today, suffice to say feeling this great is better. Ran through last week’s revamped lower body List and while I feel fatigued from the work, I don’t feel tired. Have work-work to do, a tire to get repaired, laundry and domestic chores to complete, probably some grocery shopping as well. It will all get done.

How satisfying it is to know the stuff on my to-do will be crossed off and completed, with time for personal to-dos like email and blogging and reading.

Content and satisfied with my exercise efforts looks good on me. Even sweaty and gross.

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