Busy, and uber FUN, Tuesday for me today, so I have not yet written the second half of my training recap. This is what happens when your days start early and work and work-related commitments take over the whole day until 8:30 at night.

Sometimes I think my time in the gym is so much fun anymore I am missing out on something else. Could I or should I be working harder? Just become my Lists have ceased being primarily grim and painful does not minimize the calorie-burning and huffy puffy exertion of the workload. Or I don’t think, anyway.

I feel like my List rotation is a bit out of sorts right now, but honestly, it does not matter a whit to me. I went through my current favorite lower body this morning and can feel my glutes squeaking in protest no matter what I do, but oh well. A good thrashing every now and again blows the cobwebs out, I suppose.

The lower calorie eating program, however, could be the source of my low-energy testiness when it has occurred the past few days. I have not really snapped or been grumpy with others, but I simply lack the extra energy to go forth and pursue non-work and non-better health tasks on my to-do List. For each of us how many calories consumed is unique and individual, and while I am doing well eating more protein, trying to limit myself to 1200 to 1400 calories with my level of activity is kind of harsh. Reshaping my shape will take as long as it takes, and I do not want to do terrible things to my body now just when everything else about it seems to be improving by leaps and bounds.

Simply put: I’m not sure I’m that interested in doing harm to myself or my system by keeping it in this uneasy state. I am having daily low blood sugar events and mid afternoon headaches and difficulties with concentration and focus to accompany them, so I made the executive decision to eat more calories. It’s silly to chase this, and as part of a beta group I will report my experiences honestly. The simple summation: this ultra low calorie phase feels more harmful than anything else. Perhaps I am giving up too soon, but I have a much better understanding of what feels right to my body and what is just a temporary state of discomfort. My eating habits these last several days do not feel right to body, so adjustment is required.

It is a good experience for me to have, but after 5 days and daily bottoming out with my blood sugar and being robbed of my good-feeling energy along with it, I am waving the white flag of defeat. Less carbohydrates, more protein, and the increased levels of fresh fruits and vegetables will are working out better for me, but I seem to be more active or just have a body that needs more calories that the rest of the group. Or I am not dedicated or hard-core enough about wanting to move the scales.

Adjusting my diet is in order, but this ultra low food volume is not for me. I want to get back to my 24/7 happy place where I enjoy my days and am not feeling unusually testy and impatient, battling a headache, and possibly, vaguely hungry as well. It feels wrong to me, but not in a deprivation way, but in a regressive, backward step in the better health quest way.

So essentially I am moving on into phase 2, where I use protein shakes and berries or a piece of fruit for one meal and eat sensible meals for lunch and dinner. Which is pretty much how I ate before starting this plan. Cutting back further on my carb consumption will help, and a second mid afternoon protein shake on days where I do a second practice, with or without associates in tow.

For the most part, an excellent day for me, even with the return of sneezing and runny nose this afternoon. Hoping for a good night’s sleep; it will be my first in the last several days, coinciding with starting this eating plan. M made tacos for dinner, and they were amazing.



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