Squeaky wheel

Fair amount of stuff going on in my world today and this weekend, but I am particularly happy, upbeat and wanted to share that good feeling even if it is about the less health and fitness related aspects of my life.

I am hearing voices from machines. Seriously, I was using this pressdown machine this morning and there was a loudly squeaking cable that seemed to be saying “faster, faster, faster” with each and every press. Ignoring it was my only option, because the urge to look around self-consciously as if I were somehow doing something wrong – the force was powerful with that one. But I overcame. Where I thought it was saying “faster,” I was mentally saying “f**k you” right back to it.

Take THAT, pressdown bully.

This week, I had my usual 2 training sessions with J as well as got to practice alongside my tribe sister K on Wednesday evening and again on Friday morning. So fun. Yesterday I also had lunch with J and another tribe member, C. Those 3 hours of eating and talking just flew by, and I feel really privileged to be invited to break bread with interesting and wise folks who have so many valuable kernels of wisdom to share with me. Then this morning I was introduced to yet another tribe member, A, who is very nice and in just a brief conversation reminded me that time waits for no one and to get up and live my life, not wait for some better or more convenient time. It’s my choice to make it happen.

In March, when things can get a bit dreary and emotional for me, it’s really nice to be around people who smile and laugh and seek out their own big and small adventures. I am making much better choices for positive influences.

And in spite of the squeaking wheel, I had a fabulous and productive practice without a single hiccup from cranky members or anything else.

I have been enjoying reading about other people’s weight loss results from the beta group I am involved with. Several have dropped more than 6 to 10 lbs. with one outlier of 11.2 lbs. in the span of 7 days and are completely buoyed by their success. My own modest 2 lb. loss is fine, and it may be erased in the next week or built upon further with more ounces or even pounds dropped. I am not concerned about it, because if the only way I can be happy and feel successful in my own pursuit for balance and moderation is to ignore any organized effort to make results happen faster, so be it. I am obviously not ready for any sort of formalized eating plan program, and that does not make me deficient. I am dutifully following along on the plan, watching what I am eating and pre-recording it as a meal planning tool. Another 2+ weeks and this will be over, and my hope is that the doctor and trainer running their study obtain valuable, useful data for the next go-round.

But for me, after day 27 I am done doing anything more than trying to eat a balanced diet for awhile longer. No idea how long “awhile” will last; maybe forever? There is so much more to the rest of my life than worrying about my weight or the scale. As long as the lab results and every other measure indicates I am in good health, I don’t see any reason to worry about it any further.

Some days, weeks, months, years – some periods of time are pretty exceptional and bring great experiences and events. Anymore, I look and retain the good things in a time period and strive to shrug off the rest. To close out this mish-mash post, there are a couple kid-centric things that are making me happy right now.

Tomorrow I will pick up a couple of loaves of sourdough bread to ship to my daughter in Florida. Apparently there is no decent sourdough bread to be found or purchased in Tampa thus far, so a care package is in order. Other mothers probably bake cookies or homemade treats; I go to Costco for a couple of loaves of local sourdough bread. While I don’t know what sourdough bread is like in Florida, I do know that I love, Love, LOVE what is produced at our local bakery. I know she and A will appreciate receiving the good taste of home after 4 months without it.

My son and daughter-in-law are in Mexico to celebrate both his 30th birthday and attend her cousin’s wedding, it makes my day brighter to wish him happy birthday and knowing they are on vacation and having fun. In fact, in honor of that today, I will leave you with a couple of on the G timeline.


7/1987 – G at 3.5 months.


3/11/2017 – G celebrating his 30th birthday in Mexico.

Good weekending, everyone!


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