Injury report day

Let me preface this entry with assurance that this is not about me and any potential mishaps I have suffered. I had a careless moment this morning with FreeMotion machine and one of those random gym tweaks with my shoulder, but since nothing went snap, crackle, or pop I continued on an exploratory pace first set and successfully finished full reps of my normal 3 sets with a little lighter than my usual weight. Half a day later it is not squeaking any louder the rest of body.

But other close friends are not so fortunate.

My one close friend, the crossfit addict, had shoulder surgery a couple of weeks ago and is struggling under the weight of the actual pain of the injury and surgical repair as well as the depression that cold-turkey withdrawal from her exercise addiction has caused. We had a late lunch today after a doctor visit, and she at least a few months away from doing much exercise. With healing and the medications she has to take for pain, she is still several weeks away from being able to drive.

I have a basic understanding of how much her injury and recovery sucks. I get that she has room to complain about her lot in life right now. What I cannot really fathom is the desire to return to the style of exercise that brought her to an orthopedic surgeon in the first place. M reminds me that the reality of this injury and repair has not sunk in just yet, and her tune may be changing once she is in physical therapy and gains a better understanding of her new normal with regard to shoulder mobility and range of motion. I certainly hope he is correct.

But it is a challenge for me to see a good friend in pain and frustrated by the anxiety of 18 months of hard, steady work and careful dieting flying out the window while she recovers. I have no answer for that, other than to do her best to keep spirits up and maintain healthy eating discipline. Perhaps soon she will be okay to sit on a recumbent bike and pedal away some calories and kill some hours each day? Guess she will broach the subject at her next appointment in a couple of weeks.

Makes me really, really glad I never got bitten by the crossfit bug. Then again, I am the worst possible candidate for group exercise programs in general, which is likely why yoga has never taken hold of me. But of course I do not say that out loud to her, especially now. I just want her to be better, heal up and feel capable of returning to her normal work-related activities.

Another friend called earlier today to let me know she had taken a tumble off a treadmill and sprained her wrist. I did not laugh or ask her how she managed that – I have a scar on my own wrist from falling down while walking on a treadmill in my own living room. She knew I would by sympathetic, having an almost unhealthy respect for my treadmill desk, and we had a little laugh over her clumsiness. Shit happens. In her case, after having gastric bypass surgery, she is learning to balance a steadily shrinking body and an expanding sense of her significantly smaller self. After a bit of a rocky start right after the surgery, she has had enough emotional/mental health counseling and worked with a dietician to stay on the right track. The delight of thrift store shopping for new, smaller sized clothes every few weeks is its own reward. As for the wrist, at least temperatures are warming up and she can do her walking outside during the day, with wrist confined to a sling for now.

I love that her confidence and body image are improving to the point where she is seriously considering enrolling in some aqua classes at her local community pool. Even without the classes, she is feeling brave about purchasing a swimsuit and swimming laps. I am super happy for her and hope she continues to feel this good about herself and her efforts and follows through with the swimming or aqua classes.

In my 27 days fat loss group, an interesting mix of people working on the diet aspects and less and less on the exercise. Either that or not talking about it very much. I myself am feeling a little guilty for not trying harder to be more hardcore about my eating, and failing miserably. Protein shake, salad, dinner, piece of fruit here and there to supplement for hunger or light-headedness. I refuse to subject myself to a daily weigh in and am keeping notes for my feedback at the end of the month. Other than that, I am encouraging others in the online group and trying not to mention the gorgeous weather we are enjoying while others are buried in snow.

And finally, chatting with another friend just now about going to the gym and trying to improve her diet. She has been using a Planet Fitness for a few months now, going 3 times per week. Her comment was that she hopes to be able to afford a “better” gym sometime. That rankles. Honestly, I think the best gym is whatever gets you up off and couch and moving regularly.

This exchange just reminds me why I would suck as a professional life or health coach. Having the same conversation every few months with the same person would make me crazy and dread going to work every day. Probably just as well that I have a very good understanding of my own limitations with regard to career aspirations.

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