Me and my cow

I have great affection for cows and have all sorts of stuff around the house reflecting that. At the same time, I also have the unfortunate tendency to see myself and body shape/make-up in a negative light and use cow as a reference point. While I never ask pointed questions like “does this make my butt look big?” I have been known to use blanket self-depreciating statements like “I look like a big giant cow in this.”

In other words, self-reflective comments about cows are rarely not positive.

M knows this about me, but occasionally he is very clever in turning things around. While not a big complimenter, he does acknowledge my hard work in the gym and my slow efforts of reshaping my shape.

Last week, I had one of those moments when I realize that things are different now. What I said? “M, I can feel my ribs now!” Not as in breathing in, I have ribs. But as in, I have a itch on the back of my ribcage, and scratching it, I can feel the bones and in the mirror I can see the outline starting to take more defined. Before, there was a thicker layer of fat that sort of squished beneath my fingertips. I’m not exactly sure when or how long it has been shrinking away, but it is much thinner now.

So with this background and context, M says this to me yesterday: “If I still think of myself as a cow, the leanest parts are shining through.”

There you have it: M believes I am a leaner cow. Yep, leaner cow here.

I was and am hugely flattered. Not every woman would be, of course, but context is everything. And I just love cows. Or the look and idea of cows. They do smell kind of awful.


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