I am a shoe horse, meaning I have a lot of shoes. Most of them I wear fairly regularly as well, particularly my gym shoes. And because I wear them fairly regularly, I tend to wear them out fairly quickly as well.

In the last 2 years, I have gone through 2 pairs of Merrell’s and 2 pairs of New Balance. The New Balance have been bitter disappointments in how poorly they hold up – I got far more mileage and wear out of the Merrell’s. The tricky thing is – on the outside they look fine. I have tried new insoles but when they go, they go. I did have some wear left on the Merrell’s, until today when pair 1 of 2 blew about blew out my toe joint, a sure sign a shoe is done. Hopefully the other pair will allow me to limp along until the next victim experiment arrives from Zappos.

For someone who enjoys shopping as much as I tend to, I am hating the gym shoe replacement process. It does seem as if I am reinventing the wheel and trying desperately to find a new brand, new shoe every time I need a replacement pair, which is now happening 2 or 3 times per year. M, who goes is breaking in a new pair of running shoes every month when he is hitting his typical high mileage, had gotten me into the habit of buying in bulk when there is a particular shoe he likes and I can find it on sale or on clearance. Using that standard, I feel like I am escalated to a new plateau.

However, I would likely not be having nearly as many issues if I were not wearing dress shoes (heels and flats) most days for work. Unfortunately I cannot quite bring myself to wear the built-for-comfort Dansko or other clog-like comfortable shoes. Summer is coming, though, and with it the freedom of sandals and toes freed to wiggle around in the open air rather than being squished into semi-sensible business pumps.

I know – me and my first world problems. Unfortunately the bigger sporting goods stores near me do not carry the shoe types I want to try on, and even my son, working in a running shoe boutique, does not carry what I am seeking either.

Oh well. I should be fine until Monday. If I get desperate I can always revert back to my running shoe boats for the few days until I get the replacements. But I think my secondary pair will be fine for the several days until I get the replacements squared away.

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