New shoooozz and more!

Friday night I posted my woe-is-me about my gym shoes all breaking down completely all at once. I had one last old pair held in reserve that I thought had at least a few more work outs. Saturday I put them on, went to the gym, and limped home with the same toe pain that has had me thinking there might be a bigger problem happening that just my shoes.

In desperation, I did a quick search of the local Dick’s Sporting Goods and saw they had a couple of different models of cross trainers in the store. I also checked in with my son, who happens to work at a local Fleet Feet store. If worst came to worse, I could perhaps get a minimalist or zero drop running shoe for the interim. Surprisingly, Fleet Feet stocks a small variety of cross training shoes. But far better than Dick’s – which had exactly 2 styles in brands I would consider (not a Nike fan at all and they may as well be a Nike factory store), both of which were so unattractive I would have had to be even more desperate had they actually had a pair in my size.

Off to visit with my son we went. I picked out 3 styles – 2 Reebok and 1 New Balance – and proceeded to have a try-on palooza. The Reebok crossfit speed trainer – oh my they were this awful light gray color (looked like upholstery on cheap office furniture) with red laces. Usually I love grays  and red, but apparently not in gym shoes. Thankfully those did to fit my foot well at all. I hate being that woman who rejects a shoe because of color, so I had legitimate reason besides the color.

Next up were the New Balance – cannot remember the style number. However, it was plain black and white, very retro styling like my very first pair of running shoes way back when I was in high school. I had mixed reaction to those – they were almost despite my lack of enthusiasm for the style.

Finally G pulled out a pair of Reebok Nano 6.0. They looked like my foot in their outside shaping, and despite feeling a lot stiffer than the very bendy, very flexible running shoes I have been wearing, they are extremely comfortable. M insisted that I test out the “bend” in the front in all these shoes, so I found myself doing squats, split squats and lunges, and even Bulgarian split squats to get a sense of what they would be like in the gym. The way these lace, with their asymmetrical lacing system, I feel a bit like Howdy Lukey looking down on them, but they really seemed to work. So I got them. Wore them to the gym today, and while they did feel a bit like my imaginings of Dutch wooden shoes at first, no foot pain and very quickly forgot all about shoes and feet and feels in the workout. A few more days with these and I will even forget that they are navy blue and not black.


04/02/2017 – Reebok Nano 6.0

But wait! There’s MORE!

As these were last year’s model, I asked my son if he had a pair of the current year model in my size that I could try for comparison. So he brought out a pair of the Reebok Nano 7.0 and let me try those on. And then a half-size larger, so I could ensure they were big enough. These cross trainers have a much snugger, glove-like fit than my prior running shoes. I like to be thorough and be sure. G was right – the first size and pair were the correct ones for me.

So I bought them as well.


04/02/2017 – Reebok Nano 7.0

In seems like such an indulgent splurge, but in truth these are needs far more than mere wants. I am typically in the gym 6 days per week, usually twice on Wednesdays, and frequently on my Sunday rest day. I prefer to have 2 pairs in rotation for this stuff, and hopefully these will last longer than the 6 to 8 months I have been getting from prior pairs.

My exercise pursuits have become serious enough that I have increased my line item for fitness-related gear and such. As far as indulgent splurges, my search for the better fit gym bag continues. I now have one large enough to accommodate clothes and shoes in the gym, but it feels freaking HUGE. Good thing was getting it on clearance – probably best $30 I will spend all year, especially since I did so with points from prior purchases.

So that’s my mad shopping spree for the start of spring.

And I have new shooozz! Thanks, G! Going forward, I will check in with you first next I need replacements.


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