Little things

This must be some sort of record for me, with 3 posts in a single day. But it has been a bit of a busy, hectic, crazy, and stressful day. I’m glad it is winding down peacefully.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I have the fancy-smancy Fitbit to track my movements to and fro. I have been having a string of low step days, but oh well. I have been super busy at work and not able to do a lot of getting up and getting out.

But I am feeling a bit like a Pavlovian canine with the Fitbit of late. Specifically, with the active minutes.

Active minutes are recognized by the fancy-smancy fitness tracker when activity is more strenuous that regular walking and for activities at or above 3 METs and only awarded after 10 minutes of continuous moderate-to-intense activity. (I’m paraphrasing from the Fitbit app because I cannot seem to get it up on my computer to copy and paste here.)

My daily goal is 30 active minutes. Last week I had 325 active minutes for the whole week, compared to 209 the week prior and 189 the week before that. This week, after 2 days I am at 177 active minutes – 76 yesterday and 101 today (a new record). Curiously, this coincides with my more dedicated and consistent pursuit of huffy-puffy Lists.

While I do not take the fitness tracking too seriously – just another measure to stress and freak me out – it is kind of gratifying when the little fireworks display goes off on my phone. As far as the active minutes, I admit I check my stats after every practice and every training to see if I worked hard enough to clear my 30 minute daily goal and the percentage of fat burn to cardio, which the cardio has also jumps pretty notably on huffy-puffy List days. If I don’t make the 30 minute goal, oh well; it was still fun and I still worked pretty damn hard. Or I didn’t, and that’s okay as well.

If I do not track or monitor the statistics produced by the Fitbit, why do I have it? M is the fitness technology guy in our household and likes to know that I am monitoring my heart rate if I feel weird in the gym.

Plus it works pretty well as a watch.

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