Life happens

Feels like it’s been forever since I have sat down and published a post. I have 2 recaps from last week marinating in the drafts folder and dozens of other thoughts and ideas that I would love to be talking about right now.

Unfortunately, business is booming and I am insanely overwhelmed with work.

But as I sit here enjoying a protein shake and putting together the balance of my day, I am taking a few minutes to check in here and share a few things. Except again, work interfered and I did not get the post finished and published before departing for the office. So on this Wednesday lunch hour, I am determined to get it done or face further rebellion in my email readership ranks.

No training on Monday (5/15/2017). Trainer J finally admitted that he was sick enough to see a doctor, cancel appointments, and stay home from work. Like everyone else I know, he has been suffering from seasonal allergies, but whereas mine had faded away toward the end of April, his congestion and nasal stuffiness seemed to linger on and on and be getting progressively worse. Out sick Monday and Tuesday, a doctor appointment, and a walking pneumonia diagnosis. I know this is the first time he has ever had to cancel, but I also believe this is the first since our very earliest weeks that we have not been able to reschedule. No  harm, no foul, just a curious milestone in our long endeavor.

Clumsy mishaps still happen. Yesterday I had a minor mishap at a client’s office and barked up my lower leg on a rolling chair. Trying to push back and away from the work table I was using, the wheel caught, my foot slid on the tile, and lower leg scraped against the chair base. This was not a newer, light-weight ergonomic chair either. This was a old-style executive chair with a thick and heavy metal base and heavy wheels. The scrape bled quite a bit, and because it was metal, I made a quick appointment with my local doc to take a look and advise whether I needed a tetanus shot. Well, I was hoping no tetanus shot, because I hate that kind of thing. But because I am diabetic (well controlled or not), I take no chances with injuries to my feet and lower legs. Some of the regular bruising I get there had been getting darker, so I erred on the side of caution and went to his clinic. The scrape itself is relatively benign, but he was concerned about the discoloration location being the beginning of cellulitis and put me on a 7 day course of antibiotics to ensure there is no infection. I’ll be wearing dark tights in the office and long leggings in the gym for the next week or so until the scrape heals and scabs over. Seems to me I get clumsier all over again when I am tired.

I am back shaving sleep. Try as hard as I might, work seems to hypnotize me and make me forget when it’s time to go to bed and stay on track with getting enough sleep. It caught up with me again this morning. Alarm went off at 4 and I was unwilling to rouse from sleep. Second alarm went off at 5, and I made the executive decision that gym was not happening this morning today. Not sure how I feel about it, but it is what it is for today. Clothes and shoes are packed and ready to go to the gym after work. All this is a painful reminder that my private client roster needs trimming again, because meeting the convenience deadlines of a few high-maintenance accounts is taking too much of my time and energy. I have raised my rates and they stay. They grumble a bit, but they pay my invoices without any drama. However, I am going to have to tell them that the work is going to take longer than it has been, because in reality they are not my only clients and as business expands I need the flexibility to better assess and spread out my workload.

My patience is even more limited. In evil, twisted, even mean ways, I am pretty damn pleased with myself today, because I used this in a group email to well-meaning friends:


5/17/2017 – Courtesy of trainer J (no idea where he acquired it).

Summer is approaching (practically here, actually) and there has been a push-pull going on with old friends who fail to understand the vastly different ways my life and lifestyle are evolving. The exercise is one aspect, but I am becoming more and more entrenched in my need to overhaul my eating even further with fewer processed foods and effectively marching toward cutting grains, pastas, breads, and starchy vegetables as part of my day-to-day eating pattern. For someone who loves her carbs, this is a big giant step that seems very necessary. But as with the exercise, saboteurs are everywhere and doing all they can to extend less desirable habits out of affection for me. Thing is, I am taking the time to learn what is best for me and my health, and skipping the gym and loading up on foods I admittedly love is the wrong direction. I don’t need that sort of encouragement, or to be told that I am overdoing it or that my birthday is an annual event and that I only live once. Steps I am taking now are to ensure better results and happier birthdays and rest of my life. Why those who profess to know and to care are failing to understand that remains a big giant mystery. I suppose in aging, people want to age less gracefully and have company to commiserate with.

While it seems like I have less disposable “me” time lately, it is not a bad problem to have. Working at or just over my capacity means I can feel better prepared for leaner times, or actually implement the client cutting that needs to occur. Continuing my regular consistency at the gym can include a day off, planned or not, and I am not going to lose every ounce of muscle gains overnight. Improving and enhancing my eating habits can only benefit me, and change and adjustment is painful and frustrating, the negative associations fade and evaporate relatively quickly.

Change is hard sometimes, balance is not a once-and-done acquisition so much as a state to be planned for and implemented every single day. When I think about it in the bigger picture, I am grateful that I still have options and the opportunity to choose habits to change and ways I can improve my overall quality of life. Choice is a powerful tool and a doorway to great, better, different types of freedom.

And as always, I feel better having gotten something written and posted today. Something had to give, and unfortunately this month it was my regular blogging schedule. But I will catch up and either find my old groove and schedule or create a new one. Like my better health quest, I value blogging and its benefits for me personally far too much to ever abandon it.

At worst, life and my regular pattern of blogging will return in June. Until then, I may be rather hit-and-miss with posting.

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