Pinterest is tormenting me

Over the weekend I was browsing Pinterest for recipe ideas for a celebratory cake occasion. I am the most unimaginative baker and must have a recipe or invite food preparation disaster. I found a couple of ideas that looked manageable, printed them out (because I am old school like that and would rather not have to clean my iPad or laptop screen of random bits that go flying off the mixer) and filed them away (i.e., posted them on the side of my refrigerator) with notes of ingredients I do not have on hand and must purchase next time I go to the grocery store.

Now every day Pinterest is sending me tempting looking things. I have new pins all over the place, all of them food-related and laden with sugar, fat, carbs.

It is food porn at its very worst.

Thankfully none of these things are items I can just buy equivalents of in at my local grocery store bakery section, and any and all bakeries I enjoy keep banker’s hours, are far from me, and the closest is closed on Tuesdays when my resolve may be weakest.

The struggle seems real enough, though. Just don’t open, look, or allow myself to be sucked into that particular rabbit hole of time-sucking browsing.

Since I am writing about food today, I have been doing very well lately with my healthier eating patterns of late, which is now surely jinxed because I am taking step toward victory lap. But my biggest sin was eating cheese and crackers when I got home starving last night while I was cutting up a salad. The streaking of not giving in to temptation is enough to keep me mostly on the straight and narrow with regard to healthy food choices.

If anything, I find myself extraordinarily tempted by saltier foods, dill pickles and tangy salad dressings probably the worst offenders. But my latest salad dressing of choice is a vinaigrette and much, much lighter than my beloved ranch. I am very picky about pickles and they are limited in their food pairings. The reason this seems remarkable to me is because typical salty junk food is usually too much for my tastes, yet right now I seem to want to eat more salt than it likely healthy.

Yeah, I know – me and my first world problems. But it is a pretty quiet week in my better health quest world. Trainer J is on well-deserved vacation and our next training is not until next Thursday (June 1), so unless I get really ambitious about writing about my Wednesday morning exercise malaise (as in: really not much enthusiasm for whatever reason), it may be a pretty quiet week on the blog.

All is well, though. And Pinterest will stop sooner or later. I can wait it out.

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