A little (boatloads!) help from my friends

Trainer J is back from his vacation and was back in uniform at the gym today. Friend C also returned from her week away, back in her usual Tuesday training time.

And I am beyond happy to see them both.

While glad they both were away and had a good time on their respective trips, I am so selfishly glad my Tuesday was more typical and normal and they were where present at their usual time. Honestly, I had not realized how dependent I am on the day-to-day social contact in the club until nearly all my tribe is away at once. I soldiered onward on my own; I even took a couple of days off myself. But while I typically go through my practice on my own, it’s nice seeing others I know go through their routines or to get a glimpse of what J is teaching someone else. There is just enormous comfort for me in the routine and typical predictability of the days.

Plus I just missed them.

I went through a lower body routine today that has been lying fallow for a few weeks, neglected in favor of the newer plexes and huffy puffy Lists. While I thought the yoga might help with the general tight soreness in my glutes and hamstrings, the opposite seemed to be true. But today, after seeing my pals and having my gym right itself once more, I had renewed focus and went through my List with no issues. If anything, it seems to have been the right call; my glutes and legs feel far more limber from the more focused work.

Or I’m just a lot more relaxed because the summer is shaping up and the week will be back to normal tomorrow.

I feel almost guilty for being so happy they are back. But absence made the heart grow fonder in this case, and since I love and adore both these folks, I am completely unphased by admitting my delight at their return.

Friend J asked me yesterday what I would do when things do change, when trainer J moves along to his next great adventure. I’ll miss him, of course, but a more permanent move creates a new normal. Vacation, mine or someone else’s, is like a temporary placeholder until things get back to normal normal. I could almost hear him shaking his head and trying to suppress a laugh on the telephone, but that’s okay. I am patiently awaiting his return and the restart of my next rendition of that normal as well.

It has been a fantastic day thus far.

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