Another day in paradise (day 8)

I mean the title very genuinely: it was another day in paradise at the gym this morning. A tribe sister and her husband are back from a dream trip to Paris, so it was nice to see them and touch base, catch up a bit. Then I crossed paths with my friend C and got some catch-up time while J put her through her List paces. We were hoping to break bread together on Friday, but C is off to exotic places with old friends on Thursday. We will reschedule.

My List and time spent working went very well. Mini band lateral walks and glute kickbacks, then the 45 degree hyperextensions on the V-shaped stand thing, then the wide bar lat pulldowns. Interesting fact I learned today – the V-shaped stand thing is the only thing probably in the entire gym that is not labeled with what it is or what it is actually used for. Who knew? Now me, after having to ask J what the reverse hyperextension is when there is no stability ball referenced. Typo on his part, admission that I have not pursued this List in a few weeks on mine. And apparently it shows. No finger-pointing condemnation toward me, merely yet another acknowledgment of so many Lists, too few practice days.

Pretty happy with the 45 degree hypers, other than a traitorous right foot that wants to twist with the torso elevation and as a consequence twist ever so slightly and cause unanticipated pain in my knee. Soooo – new note to self about pressing hard on heel and keeping that foot still. And until I get there, I need to watch it from my upside down pose and make the tiny adjustments as needed. The rest of the work went well enough – tighten glutes, partial rib tuck at the top to keep back from arching. Lather, rinse, repeat.

From there I moseyed along to the lying down hamstring curl machine and the TRX trio of rows, Y, and face pulls. This segment goes pretty quickly, yet … not so much. Keeping the straps taut and focusing on the back and shoulder and that whole range of muscles that should be working together and working, period. But I still love the lying (autocorrect had my first misspelling as “lounging”) hamstrings machine. I feel as if I am improving with this set of exercises.

The final block in today’s List was the standing tall straight-arm pulldown, the lean forward straight arm pulldown, and the underhand high row. All I can say – I really need to practice this List more frequently. I can still feel the squeaks in my back and shoulders.

Kind of sends shivers up my spine thinking about the pleasant nature of body squeaks.

Since I had some extra time today, I went upstairs to work on the latest nemesis corral. Bent arm planks and floor chops (crunches and sit-ups), renegade rows, also from the floor with the pair of 10 lb. dumbbells. Since I did not have my phone and headset for music, I’m had to count the breathing and the seconds on the planks. Hopefully I made it at least 10, but who knows? I’ll be better tomorrow. Floor chops – J says MAX as a rep range, and today I made it through a series of 6 in the first set, 5 in the second. Not terrible. Renegade rows – 5 in the first set, 4 in the second. Not great, not terrible. But better than nothing, and more practice should benefit me in the long run.

It is a good day.

I was wandering through the grocery store at today enroute to the deli and my weekly sandwich indulgence. But in my travels up the beverage aisle (to my new favorite flavored seltzer water), I passed a couple of ladies about my age shopping. Snatches of conversation overhead in passing one was lamenting the cost of gastric bypass surgery and the other was talking about the pain in her legs. Twinges of sympathy went through me, because it is so easy to imagine myself in the same place and having the same thoughts and feelings about my body and my health. I certainly do not feel smug or superior for making the choices I have, because I don’t know them at all and am in no position to pronounce judgment on total strangers. Mostly I’m grateful to have the time to still make different choices, that there are still options available to me.

While for the most part I am making better food choices, I am still imperfect in this regard, most definitely a work in progress. But for today, my sandwich was delicious, a nice break from my usual protein shake and piece of fruit. I can tell when I’m not eating a lot of junky food, because I just feel better. I often think that alone should be enough to keep me on the straight and narrow with regard to diet, but I am all too often wrong. There are consequences for every decision I make, and I know that to be true. Sometimes I just feel like eating the junk, and usually there is an unacknowledged emotional component. Changing that behavior, acknowledging that I am eating a cheeseburger because I’m stressed or angry or unhappy about something makes me really tends to put the brakes on what I order.

My weekly meal plan – I include a sandwich day when I’m working at a client’s location, because I like a normal lunch to break up the food boredom. Nothing wrong with meat or with cheese, or sliced sourdough bread. I am striving to learn how to exercise some self-discipline and moderation in my eating, one meal per week at a time.

In all honesty, when it comes to food, that’s about all I can handle right now.

And I am good with that. I’ll be in the gym in the morning and reminding myself that my Lists, even the nemesis list, is more fun now because I am stronger and I am physically lighter. It’s a decent sized carrot dangling in front of me when food temptations begin whispering in my ear.

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