New shooz! (day 11)

I have been on the hunt for treadmill desk shoes and have not been enjoying a lot of success. I have tried running shoes, but the toe box seems to do something to one or both of my big toe joints and caused enduring pain. I have used my gym cross training shoes – soles are kind of rigid and stiff for multiple hours of walking and standing. Keds? Chucks? Vans? Casual sneakers? Yep, unsuccessfully tried them all.

Then I read about Kuru on a budget software forum. The ladies there were raving about how comfortable they were for walking and such, so I hopped over to the site to check them out. After reading reviews and about their various offerings, I decided on these, in white, because I anticipated mostly wearing them inside on the treadmill desk.


8/11/2017 – KURU Carrera Mesh in white and gray mist. 

After having them for 4 days and wearing them steadily on the treadmill desk, none of my usual issues have arisen. Actually, I have had no issues at all, other than they are white and if I wear them outside the house they are going to be dirty in very short order. They are not terribly stylish and attractive, but their boat-like appearance and feeling is mostly in my head. Granted the soles do look heartier than my minimalist gym shoes that I love, but we are not in the land of Hoka as yet. M was very concerned about the ankle collar – it is quite high in the back – but that feature does not bother me at all.

At $125, these are not economy model footwear. However, I now recognize the depths of my addiction to the gym and to exercise. I will spend $125 for shoes I am wearing primarily in my house and on my treadmill desk because they are not uncomfortable on my feet and not causing pain or injury that may impair me in my exercise and fitness pursuits. I have never been a slave to fashion and mostly gave up the mainstream sexy heels years and years ago (to M’s infinite sorrow). Now I am even more protective of my feet and legs; I even limit my flip-flop wearing because too much causes joint pain in my ankles and feet.

Aging kinda/sorta sucks.

This is not a paid promotion for KURU shoes, either. I am thrilled to death to have found something that appears to work with my feet for all day treadmill walking while working. If they continue to feel good and comfortable in this application, I can see a second pair in my future. Unfortunately the black and the gray color schemes are a little wild for my tastes, but I can adapt. For kick-around shoes, I just want something that is less obvious about the dirt and muck in my travels than the bright white I’m presently sporting.

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