Muscle tweak – paying the stupid tax (day 13)

I have had a very busy day today with work-related projects and household chores. While there was a tentative Sunday funday planned for the gym, time to get everything I wanted to get done completed was not on my side. I have actually felt as if I have been playing beat the clock all day and still much left to do before I sleep.

This blog entry is also on my to-do for today. Funny how what I anticipated writing about is pushed back yet again.

My biggest fear about regular exercise is injury. I fear the injury that sidelines me for a week or more, so I am very careful about following the cue script running in my head. Thus far, I have had a nice long run of nothing serious outside of the occasional gym tweak that happens to everyone.

I save my more serious boo-boos for at home. While wielding the vacuum cleaner.

M and I have a pretty loose division of domestic chores. He does the vast majority of the exterior clean-up and maintenance tasks and a lot of the day-to-day pick-up and maintenance. I much of the larger domestic chores – vacuuming, changing the linens, cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors. We split the laundry, and both tend to clean up the kitchen and common areas as we are using them. Cleaning the oven, stovetop, and microwave usually falls to me, because even though M tends to cook more, I become more annoyed by the mess that builds up with use.

Anyway, M was busy with other things today as well and once I concluded my out-of-the-house client project business, I got home and got with my chores. I was using the vacuum to clear some dusty corners and overhead sills when I somehow lost control and tweaked my shoulder. Lost my balance and fell backwards on my ass as well, but the only thing injured there was my pride. Thought I had escaped unscathed, but a couple of hours later and I have soreness in my right chest and shoulder muscle areas. Nothing serious, terminal, or that is likely to stop me from training tomorrow, but annoying nonetheless.

So I suppose I will continue to be careful in the gym, warm up appropriately and listen closely to the feedback from body about how it feels and any yellow or red signals it may be flashing toward me. At home, with a light-weight vacuum cleaner, I was caught off guard. I guess weightier weights are more trustworthy than basic household appliances. I know to be careful at the gym; at home, apparently, not so much.

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