Better health marker (day 16)

I had a jam-packed schedule yesterday and no opportunity to post. But other than telling you of my mostly non-eventful List of the day, not a lot to talk about here. Oh, and I was very tired.

Today I have not yet been to the gym, because I have to get bloodwork done this morning. It’s a fasting test, and I had little desire to go to the lab all sweaty and gross. Seems unsanitary.

But anymore, I am always excited about having blood drawn and receiving the results from my doctor. I am expecting no unpleasant surprises, but still – it is exciting to find out for sure that in the last few months I have not sinned so grandly as to have him contemplating a new round of sugar-controlling drugs.

The scale again seems to be stuck in one place, having traded the same 0.3 pounds back and forth this week. But at least it’s not increasing. Between stress, busy days, and veering off my eating strategy to accommodate the busy days, meals out with clients, and the overall stress, I am happy to go down 0.3 pounds one day and watch it come back up in 0.1 pound increments the next few days.

I also feel a bit stuck in my Lists of the day. I am doing them, I am mostly enjoying the moments. But they are not presently sparking joy for me. My mind is elsewhere much of the time, and while I know it happens, it sucks all the same. I like it when the gym is my universally happy place, where I can forget the rest of the stuff that populates my life and just focus on moving my body and feeling the muscles doing their best work. I am doing well enough; the rest of my stuff is not distracting me to the point of breaking my typical habits. Working out problems while moving from exercise to exercise is usually less prominent than it has been this week.

Yeah, this is tiny cupcakes in the measurement of problems and issues.

Big, huge, giant comfort is that the habit is now ingrained enough that I am almost on autopilot when mapping out my daily schedule and how it all fits together. While I have to go later today (because it’s a fasting blood test, I do not exercise on a completely empty stomach, and that whole sweaty and gross seems unsanitary thing noted above), it never once occurred to me to blow off the gym in favor of work. I just rearranged things so I was up and toiling at 4 a.m. while I keep an eye on the clock for time to prepare to head to the lab. Hopefully it’s not too busy. But even if it is, I am not scheduled for anything else until 11 a.m.

Not always crazy about the way my work-life balance progresses, but I am managing and it is working more than 70% of the time. The other 30% – nights and weekends – it’s an evolving process. Once I recognize that I am at capacity, I will force myself to sort it out better.

Until then, I will just careen along juggling all my stuff and try to get back to a regular sleeping schedule.

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