Making up for missing a day (day 15+1)

So just after weenie-whining about my List of the day not sparking joy, I go roaring back to the gym and have this simply amazing experience. Not even sparks; more like sparklers or sky-filled fireworks sort of joy.

Well, okay, I might be exaggerating a touch with the ski-filled fireworks. But it was an awesome practice. I had donned my big girl capris and ventured over into the corner of the big boys’ room where the squat racks reside, determined to use them all by myself. It helps that the gym was relatively empty at that time of the morning (yet filled up to well past my comfortable capacity by the time I left 90 minutes later) and that a recent gym acquaintance was using the other machine opposite me.

Not sure why I get mildly to wildly freaked out being alone in that part of the gym. Probably because I do not yet know the rules of the place, if I am potentially stealing from someone else by taking a plate from another machine rather than the common area racks. To be fair, though, the jumping man was walking up to that rack just as I turned away from it with absconded 25 lb. plate in my hands. He didn’t say anything, though, so I skulked back across to my rack and tried not to feel like a criminal. Because somewhere out there, the guy who left multiple 45 lb. plates on my bar is roaming without a care in the world.

Anyway, I did pretty damn awesome, even with my rookie mistake. J taught me to do this version of the Romanian deadlift in ramp up sets, meaning a warmup (or 2) of just the bar, no weight, then add a 10 lb. plate to each end for a set (or 2), then another 10 lb. plate, and finally at 5 lb. plate for a total of 25 lbs. per end or 91 lbs. with barbell. Simple really; he even wrote it down on my List. Except I was ridiculously excited in my big girl capris and doing this all on my own and somehow forgot that it was 10 lb. plates I was using and instead added a 25 lb. plate to each end. Ooops.

No tsunami hit the gym and wiped me off the face of the planet. It did feel significantly heavier than I remembered (of course), and after 12 reps I was so done with that set. I then looked at the List on my phone more closely, realized my mistake, and texted J my oopsie. I could have dropped back down, started over with the 10s and worked my way back up, but he merely agreed with me on not increasing weight further today with added reassurance that this was not the apocalypse (true – no zombies spotted). Nothing snapped, crackled, or popped within body either, so I did my remaining 3 sets with 25 lb. plates and call it very, very good.

Other than that little hiccup, the rest of my day progressed pretty splendidly. Even the very end, when my lat pulldown machine was overtaken by a couple of elderly men who threw my towel on the floor and took over, did not harsh my buzz. I just picked up my towel and gave them a pointed (and completely ignored) look. Apparently as far as they were concerned I was some ditzy member who leaves her towel on equipment. I was in a pretty good mood, though, and not contemplating ways to rip their heads off and use them as bowling balls down the walkway to the front desk.

I felt better about the tree-hugging seated rows and remembered to keep elbows bent. I got through at least 3 to 4 good and 1 or 2 decent single legged RDLs with the 25 lb. dumbbell. I did not swear profusely at the stability ball with the hamstring curls and forced myself not to think about what kind of ick might be on the floor I was lying upon.

A good morning in my better health quest.

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