PT-65: Not this week (day 24)

The title of this blog, Making Progress Getting Fitter, is not applicable this week. I’m sorry if I’m letting you down. Life happens and I’m still in a bit of hazy grief fog and have little feedback from today’s session. Next week, I’m 95% certain things will be back to something akin to normal in training recap land.

Funniest story from the day is primarily about M’s fashion sense. I went to the gym tonight to hang with my friend and wish the power lifting ladies well on their competition Saturday. They will do their best and their best will be amazing. But getting ready to leave the house and wearing a newer (smaller sized!) pair of capris with the currently fashionable openings in the seam up the side. M, not wearing his glasses, glances over and tells me that he thinks my pants are defective, that there are big holes in the side and can’t I feel them? Cracks me up.

Some of the nicest people work out in my club and have become my friends. Hung out with my friend C this morning during her training session, just chatting while she went through her routines with J. Being around such caring friends is soothing to my soul.

Starting tomorrow, I know that I must get back into counting my reps and sets, feel like a bit of a slacker in training this week. I do know we did renegade rows today – my newest challenge and victory – but I think I probably could have been more attentive to form and rep counts. Oh well. At least I made it into the gym.

My hazy fog of shock and grief is starting to lift and acceptance and adjustment to the new normal is slowly sinking in.

Progress, even if it not progress I ever wanted and could very happily live without. The saying goes that living well is the best revenge, but it’s also a fitting tribute to those who contributed to the growth process of the people we are now and aspire to be into the future.