Fly-by post

While I would love to say I have been slavishly working so hard at the gym and eating like the fittest gym bunny in the hutch as explanation for my absence, truth of the matter is that I’ve been busy with work and not utilizing my computer time writing. Major bummer, but clients have to come first. So their needs have been consuming most of my time.

But today I had to share a couple of little things that happened. Because they made me feel so awesome.

Because I have been so busy, I have a big laundry basket full of my regular gym clothes. It’s a testimony to how much I actually have for the gym that I’ve now gone almost 2 weeks without washing my workout wear and am only now at the bottom of the drawer. I took to my gym ninja outfit today – black top, black leggings – and its the first time since winter that I have worn long pants. All I needed today is the long sleeved cowl for my Batman … err, woman … look to be complete. But winter is coming; I will be accessorizing appropriately before we know it.

Trainer J, he of the very sparing with compliments and always, Always, ALWAYS authentic and sincere, remarked more than once on the reshaped slenderization of my legs. I know it’s reality, but for whatever reason it seems to show up more in long leggings versus my typical capri pants. For the ladies who say they do not want to lift weights for fear of getting too bulky, shapely is not the same as bulky. My legs – definitely at least a third of the size they were when we started, and the muscle is more clearly defined. I think I now live to discover the new and emerging crinkles where there was once just smooth fat.

The other thing was my former nemesis, the Scale. Friends, I am now officially in the 180s at 188.5 this morning. A couple of weeks ago I finally, FINALLY broke through into the 180s at 189.9, after more than 9 months of lingering in the 190s. While I feel very healthy and good and am not obsessed or even concerned with the judgmental scale’s readings, every ounce less is meaningful that I am moving in the right direction and creating better lifestyle habits.

The slow drop in weight comes after a long weekend of food debauchery. There was a cheeseburger, a couple of onion rings with it, pizza, chinese food, and other junk I cannot even recall. It’s telling that Monday’s training was sort of lackluster, and yesterday I ended up cutting workout short because of stomach rebellion. Body’s messages about  how much crap I feed it is loud and clear, and I’m grateful. While health eating remains an imperfect process, it is happening whether I am conscious of it or not. A busy, hectic, crazy stressful week with cutting sleep and eating crap food for several days straight does not benefit me at all, but I can and do recover from it. I also learn how much salt and sugar there is in restaurant food. While it’s not unusual for me to have something not directly beneficial to my better health quest every couple of weeks (pizza is still a regular thing), I have learned restraint in how much I will consume and will always eat a salad or side of vegetables with it. Several days straight of junk food now means I have a very bad day with my mostly cast-iron stomach and digestive system. My aversion to vomiting under any circumstances is fast-track way to teach me the consequences of an unintentional junk food eating spree.

I also learned we have done a fantastic job of purging the house of snack and processed convenience food, which is also a contributor to our junk food spree. With work overtaking laundry and grocery shopping, bulk cooking also did not get done. When scrounging around in the fridge and pantry for quick and easy meal fixings, I found we were sadly understocked. Not at all typical (we usually grocery shop every week) or all that bad for us, but annoying. I am adjusting my planning for such future events.

The busy week continues, but will be winding down. Grocery shopping happened on Tuesday, laundry is going as I type. The lightening workload helps, and I am enjoying this brief respite before it heats up again later today.

But next week I hope to be back to my regular blogging schedule. If opportunity presents, I may do a larger recap post of what’s been happening with the better health quest.