Giving thanks

Still tinkering with the blog and it’s become this big, ginormous messy project – and likely all my fault.

But today, I’m setting aside my frustration with myself and the technical aspects of the blogging process. There is so much more to be happy about that has nothing to do with the intricacies of WordPress.

I have actually missed writing. I have been away from it now for so long that I’m antsy to get back to it, back to sharing the little and big moments in my journey. There are moments – a lot of moments – when I feel as if I am backsliding faster and more forcefully because I am not downloading my thoughts and ideas here after sessions and workouts. Questions I may have become vaporized because my process for learning includes taking detailed notes. I could, and should, be doing that more. But something fades when I realize I’m not going to be publishing anytime soon.

While I don’t know if this post will be lost or disappear into the back-up, it is important to me to put something up today.

I was sort of making a mental list of what I’m thankful for this year.

Better health. At the top of the list, or the base of my pyramid, I am so grateful to be in good health. It’s been another year of consistently exercising and making better, healthier choices with food. And it’s showing on me physically as well as strengthened my mental and emotional frames of reference.

M. Without M, I would be more than a little lost most of the time. He’s a big part of what keeps me grounded and anchored to pursue my life. There is this small percentage of time that I think about life on my own (usually when I am having to negotiate something where my opinion feels absolute and irrefutable yet he has the balls to disagree with me) when I imagine life on my own and not having to negotiate when I know I am right, but the balance he provides far outweighs the instances of irrational disagreement.

My kids, all of them. My son and daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law are such genuine and amazing people in their own unique ways. I’m glad we’re family.

My tribe. I have suffered a few brutal losses in my tribe of friends the last few years, and I still feel those absences each and every day. Yet at the same time, I have met new people who add so much to my life and times. Far from replacements for those who have crossed into their next grand cosmic adventure, they are unique enhancements that bring warmth and joy. They teach me, they inspire me, they make me laugh and smile, and they make me want to be better.

Work. I have the best clients in the whole world, and I am humbled and grateful that they continue to choose me for their projects and trust that I will take care of their work. It is the quality of professional relationships that makes me happy about my career choice, and I hope to continue pursuing the potential pathways for a long time to come.

Sharing. It seems to me more and more that the world as a whole is losing faith or hope or both. I am not a particularly religious person, but I do feel a degree of faith in the possibilities of rising above and overcoming our individual challenges. For me personally, I’m grateful for opportunities to be a responsible community member and to give back or to share with others. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s time, occasionally it’s advice, and probably too often it’s my personal opinions and outlook. The opportunities to make a positive difference do exist in my life, and if I am awake and aware, I will step up and do the right things.

It has been a nice day. The next phase of holiday craziness has already begun, judging by the overflowing parking lots we passed on our way home. The shopping madness has already begun. Not for us. I anticipate a pretty low-key, low-stress holiday season ahead.

Happy thanksgiving, one and all.


11/23/2017 – M and I, embarking on our food coma.