A final word

The last day of 2017, and as I started on January 1, I end it today at the gym. Nothing big or crazy about my workout. A fun day with my beloved landmines List and working at enhancing better form and technique followed by yoga with dear friends. I am reminded again and again how much room remains for future improvement.

I made huge strides and much progress in 2017. It was not so much transformative as educational and expanding my horizons. I lost some weight, gained some noticeable muscle definition. I literally worked my ass off to make these hard-fought gains.

And I loved almost every single minute of it. Maybe not in the moments of sweating and swearing frustration (there were many), but in the elation of triumph when I finally gained some mastery.

My evolution into humble gym badassery took tiny steps forward.

Despite all that, it has become apparent to me that further change is in order. No easy way to say this, but I am shuttering the blog with this final entry.

There are a lot of reasons why, yet none of them profound or even that interesting. Mostly, it’s because I’m reinventing yet again and hanging a new shingle. While that sounds really dramatic, it’s not. It’s just the last couple of months of not blogging and investing some time and energy in other avenues of my life have shown me that I want a different direction with my writing.

That said, come visit me at my newest venture, TheCookieDoughChronicles.com.

For those of you who have read, commented, followed – my deepest thanks. I love the community I have built, and I hope we meet again with my new venture.