Hello and welcome!

So here we are – tomorrow the calendar flips and a new year begins, and with it, this new home to chronicle my journey to better health. I am presently so fully engaged in this quest to overhaul my life and lifestyle that I realized in 2016 I needed a space devoted exclusively to those pursuits. My prior blog is a mixture of my personal musings and A LOT about my physical, mental, and emotional health improvement activities. There are resources and topics and things I want to discuss that did not quite match that audience, so this blog has finally become a reality.

I have a lot of ideas to talk about, a lot of resources and things to discuss and explore. Unfortunately, since I have full-time jobs and a pretty full life outside of blogging, not sure I can get all the things I want to say and do here written as quickly as they occur to me. No matter – however much time I get to spend writing is going to be enough. The day I will become concerned is the day I run out of ideas to share and things to talk about. I truly do hope the moment my thoughts stop is also when I draw my final breath. And that moment is well into the future if I have any say in the matter.

Since we are off to a brand new start here, some things about me.

  • I am turning 56 in 2017.
  • Married (to the uber fabulous M) for 19 years, although we have been together closer to 26 years.
  • I have 2 adult children from my first marriage, both of whom married in 2016. My son (hereinafter referred to as GMS) and daughter-in-law (KBS) are local, my daughter (CSA) and son-in-law (AA) relocated to Florida a week before Christmas 2016. We are a close-knit family.
  • Work is a full-time job at a professional services firm with a self-employment small business as well. M is essentially retired and pursuing his own hobbies while overseeing home-based projects, etc.
  • I am a recovering insecure/fear-based woman who tends to deal with my own issues as directly as possible. Of late I am enjoying more success than setbacks in these endeavors.
  • In real life, I am mostly down-to-earth and friendly. But this could be a facade, because inside I feel far more introverted, quiet and shy.
  • Hobbies? I do not feel like I have any, or many. I read. I write. I interact with family and friends. Exercise, yoga, and things of that nature not really hobbies; they are habits for a healthy life.

Hopefully more interesting facts will come to mind in the future. Until then, thanks for joining me, and please feel free to leave questions or comments. I try to respond and reply as quickly as possible.